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Top five 'must do' list for booking events abroad.

by Jade Fletcher

Jade Fletcher, CEO and Founder of Jade Green Events, has worked for over 8 years in the events business and over 15 in entertainment. Starting her company in 2012, she has worked with clients such as Hammerson PLC, AON and MPW. Her management company is full service supporting all of your event needs. Here she kindly shares some of her best practice on booking events abroad.


1. Allow time. As with planning any event, the more time you have, the more options will be available. Corporate venues in particular get booked months if not a year in advance. It’s important to manage a client’s expectations (and requirements), so allow a realistic window to choose and secure your venue.

2. Destination is key. If your client has chosen to hold their event abroad, venue rates may not necessarily be the main factor. With more clients wanting to incorporate cultural sites and activities in their itineraries, being selective on venue location and what’s on offer nearby may be the bigger draw

3. Use a DMC. Unless you have good local knowledge, working with a Destination Management Company (DMC) can take a weight off, particularly when communicating with all levels of venue staff. Even in European countries such as Spain, Italy and France, a lot of venue staff don’t speak English (and why should they?!), so having someone multi-lingual on side, and who also appreciates the culture and local nuances can be priceless

4. Visit. Don’t wait until the week (or day) of the event. Just as with events closer to home, it’s important to get a feel of the venue and staff in advance. Pictures don’t always tell the whole story

5. Adapt your checklist. You may have a standard check-list for site visits and your clients may have a list of requirements, but when working internationally, there are other points to factor in, such as Wifi speed/access, visa requirements, how food and beverage is cooked and presented and health and safety requirements (such as vaccines needed and access to healthcare).